Norma Thorburn

Norma and husband Tom

Norma has appeared several times in the local press.

The following stories appeared in the Mt Druitt-St Marys Standard
They have approved their publication here while retaining copyright
The stories have been scanned as JPEG images and may take a little time to appear.

Norma in St Marys Magdalene Cemetary October 1st 1997
Ghosts in Cemetery? October 8th 1997
Norma reading Harriet Lethbridge King's letters April 29th 1998
Front page of 25th Anniversary edition of Standard & accompanying story on St Marys
South Creek Catchment Management tour 11th November 1998

Norma has been interviewed on the local radio station WOW-FM. These interviews may be listened to or downloaded

A talk given by Norma at a Conference at Penrith on 18/3/2006 may be viewed here.

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