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The first inhabitants of this area were the Dharug people. They lived here for about 45,00 years before the white settlers came.
It was the Commerigal-tongarra tribe of the Dharug people who lived along South Creek. The Dharug people were hunters and gatherers and lived in gunyahs made from bark. They made their tools from red rocks that they found in the creek. the word Dhurag means yam (like a wild potato). They ate these yams and berries, nuts and roots as well as kangaroo, possums, snakes, birds and fish. There is a large old tree near Luddenham Road that has the marks of toeholds made by the natives so they could climb the tree to lookout for animals.

In the 1780's in England times were very bad and work was hard to get, No one had any money and they started stealing so that they could eat. Thieves were soon caught and put in goal. The goals were full and so it was decided to send the convicts to New South Wales, which had been discovered by Captain Cook in 1770. They left England on 13th May 1787 and arrived in Australia 26th January 1788, The first fleet was made up of eleven ships.

"Prince of Wales"
"Lady Penrhyn"
"Golden Grove"

On board the "Sirius" was Captain Arthur Phillip, who was to be the Governor of New South Wales and Lieutenant Philip Gidley King.

Lieut. King went to Norfolk Island with some of the convicts.
He later returned to England.

In 1800, King was made the third Governor of New South Wales.
First Fleet
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