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Mimosa - today

Andrew Thompson's father died when Andrew was only eleven years old. He went to work in a tannery to help the family. When he was older he started his own tannery on the bank of South Creek at the end of Saddington St. It became the largest tannery in N.S.W. Andrew became a very wealthy man and had Joseph Sainsbury build him a beautiful home on Pages Rd. in 1894. He called his house "Mimosa" after the variety of wattle tree bark he used for the tannin in his tennery. "Mimosa" is still standing amongst its beautiful garden. Andrew Thompson built a country home called "Tyrone" at Erskine Park. It was built on the top of the hill where "Envirogard" Recycling is now.
Andrew was involved in many community organisations and served on the St Marys Council. He donated the land on the Western Highway on which the Masonic Lodge was built. He died in 1918.

Another view of Mimosa Another view of Mimosa
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