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The first industries that came to South Creek were all attracted to the area by the natural resources.
Brickmakers used the clay from South Creek to make their bricks.
Sawmillers cut the trees that grew in the area and they were cut up and sent to Sydney for the stoves and fireplaces.
Tanners used the water from South Creek and the bark from the wattle trees that grew along thecreek to tan the cattle hides and make the leather.

Bronte, 1889

Waggon Builders used the ironbark timber from the area to build the waggons and the wheels. James Bennett started the business and it then passed to his sons James and George. It was a very successful business because of the quality of the waggons. Waggons were sold all over N.S.W., Victoria and Queensland. Each waggon was given a name - "Maxina" is on display in South Creek Park. It was built in October 1920.

James Bennett built his home "Bronte" at the corner of Gidley and King streets in 1889. James Bennett also built three cottages next to Bronte for his family as they married

The Bennett Family owned the house until 1929. "Bronte" is now owned by the Sydney City Mission and is used as the Administration Centre for their children's services.
(Since Peta wrote this, the house was sold and is now in private hands.)

Bennett family grave, St Mary Magdalene>
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