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Mary Putland

Gov. King was replaced in 1806 by William Bligh of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame. Bligh was accompanied by his eldest daughter Mary and her husband Lieut. Putland. Mary was given a large land grant at South Creek which she called "Frogmore". Lieut. Putland died soon after and in 1810 Mary married another soldier, Lieut. Maurice O'Connell. Mary was given another large land grant (next to Frogmore) for a wedding present. She called this property "Coolee". In 1842 the now Sir Maurice and Lady Mary O'Connell decided to return to England for good, and so sub-divided their land which became the main centre of St Marys. They donated part of their land to the people of South Creek for a park. This area was called O'Connell's Square but is now called Victoria Park. Werrington Park is now part of U.W.S.

Admiral William Bligh
Frogmore today, front view - now Administration at U.W.S. Frogmore today, side view
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