WW2 Personnel from St Marys & Surrounding Areas - C's

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Note - CLARKE, William John - looks like a change of Service from ARMY to RAAF
The COBCROFTs are probably Father, Son and Daughter
The CROXONs are probably the same person

CALETTIJohn Battista N260940  3/10/1923 EASTWOOD, NSWARMY
CAMPBELLDonald NX5609315/12/1919 HARDEN, NSWARMY
CAMPBELLRichard N58694  9/04/1919 SYDNEY, NSWARMY
CASHFrederick George NX20768427/07/1927 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CHALKERJohn Reginald N24299618/11/1917 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CHAMBERLINWilliam Edger NX1818123/03/1908 LIVERPOOL, NSWARMY
CHAMPNESSEdward Frank 42185820/08/1923 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
CHARKERCharles John NX15674228/10/1923 SYDNEY, NSWARMY
CHEALRonald Thomas NX16014615/07/1904 WAVERLEY, NSWARMY
CHRISTIANArthur Augustus NX17218115/07/1914 SYDNEY, NSWARMY
CHRISTIEHugh Patrick N10398419/04/1892 SYDNEY, NSW ARMY
CLARKJohn N272316  9/06/1887 LONDON, UKARMY
CLARKEWilliam John NX21702  9/02/1920 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CLARKEWillian John 439438  9/02/1920 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
COATESJohn Montgomery O21030522/11/1923 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
COATESSidney Dowling 42226226/03/1922 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
COBCROFTJohn Aston NX20366112/02/1926 MT DRUITT, NSWARMY
COBCROFTJohn Vernon N27309721/09/1884 SCONE, NSWARMY
COBCROFTNancy Joan NF44539118/10/1923 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
COLLETTArthur William N100659  1/04/1890 GOULBURN, NSWARMY
COLLINSEdward George NX142218  2/09/1920 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CONDONDoris Hilda NF48307227/11/1924 DUBBO, NSWARMY
CONLANWilliam Neville N9520519/11/1915 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
COOKClaude Stephenson NX7242720/11/1900 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
COOKEdward George N46260329/07/1924 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
COOKJoseph 139090  4/11/1924 SCOTLANDRAAF
CORLETTEBernard Christian N37735012/04/1896 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CORNELLCharles Thomas NX10814426/05/1919 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
COTGRAVEJoan Crofton 109914  6/06/1905 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
COTTSidney W2958123/01/1893 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CRAWFORDRobert N19007918/07/1914 GLEBE, NSWARMY
CRAVENJohn Thomas S/736210/08/1924 ST MARYS, NSWRAN
CROFTFrederick N450225  6/06/1911 MT VICTORIA, NSWARMY
CROSLANDGeorge Hudson N23471419/07/1907 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CROXONWilliam Allen NX31938  8/09/1908 COONAMBLE, NSWARMY
CROXONWilliam Allen N10690614/09/1908 COONAMBLE, NSWARMY
CRYEHarold Herman R. N44393023/12/1923 SYDNEY, NSWARMY
CULLENHarold John N190624  1/07/1907 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
CUMMINSFrank Ernst NX48038  6/02/1920 ST MARYS, NSWARMY