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No Photograph
Svce No. 2326 Enl. 8/6/1915
R.T.A. 27/5/1919
ADAMS, Harry
Svce No. 5972 Enl. 6/3/1916
D.O.D. 7/1/1917
ANDERTON, Walter William
Svce No. 13733 Enl. 30/12/1915
R.T.A. 4/5/1918
Page 5 Lyn's book
No Photograph
No Photograph
No Photograph
ANDREWS, William Henry
Svce No. 2780 Enl. 28/5/1915
K.I.A. 26/9/1917
ASHLEY, Arthur Bernard
Svce No. 8458 Enl. 27/1/1916
ASHLEY, Samuel
Svce No. 11901 Enl. 2/1/1917
R.T.A. 3/3/1919
Svce No. 3347 Enl. 2/1/1917
R.T.A. 8/7/1919

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